Hyper Grind are the experts in structural and non-structural wall removal. Our team will assess the best approach to the job at hand (such as a home renovation) so as to ensure maximum safety and prevent damage to other walls. Our wall removal services don't just include cutting and removal, but also beam installation and support. Our team includes fully-qualified roof carpenters, available to assist our customers with all beam installation work.


Removing structural, load-bearing walls is tricky business. To remove a structural wall seriously compromises the structure itself, so it is a task many renovators and builders leave to our experts. While many buildings are built with a redundancy in mind to prevent catastrophe, it is never wise nor safe to assume this is so. From wall and roof cutting to installing support beams, our team have the experience and the skills to get the job done safely and timely.

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Although your building probably doesn't run the risk of collapse if you remove a non-structural wall, it is still a laborious and often difficult task that requires skill, experience and the right tools for the job. After the wall is removed, we can also arrange for all waste disposal and cleaning, creating a seamless project from start to finish.

Hand sawing

A lot of jobs take place in areas too small to fit large machinery, or require smaller, more nimble cutting. In these instances, hand sawing is the best option. Using diamond blades in hand-held saws, our skilled team can take to any task at hand with speed, portability and precision, cutting concrete (slabs, pipes, bricks etc) or preparing surfaces for windows, doors or demolition.

Diamond chain sawing

Diamond chainsaws are very handy and versatile tools. Often used for making square corners without over-cuts, diamond chainsaws are also capable of making oddly-shaped cuts on many materials - from concrete, brick and masonry, to pipe and rebar/reinforced concrete.

Brick wall removal

Removing non-structural brick walls can be a very time-consuming and messy job, so we take the stress out of it for you by quickly removing the wall, then cleanly removing the bricks and the waste if needed. We can also instal lintels and removing and cutting of brick work.

Wall Sawing

We can provide tack-mounted wall sawing – perfect for creating new openings (for doors etc) in concrete and bricks – to a depth of 400mm.


• Dustless dry cutting (90% dust free, for established premises like houses and indoors)