Professional & Cost Effective Tile Stripping

Hyper Grind can safely and efficiently prepare all tiled floors and walls for a new surface. We remove tiles, glue and any residual adhesive ready for your new floor and wall coverings. We can also remove all types of floor coverings, including wood, carpet, vinyl, slate and ceramic. If needed, Hyper Grind will arrange for the removal of all waste material and tip drop off. Trust the professional and experienced Hyper Grind team to assist with your kitchen, bathroom or commercial renovation.

Tile removal
One of the most strenuous tasks of any renovation is tile removal. A lot of people fall for the trap of thinking the job is easier than it is, often undertaking the task ill-prepared or with the wrong tools for the job. Our experienced team can take the stress out of this situation with our fast, clean tile removal service. We remove the tiles properly, then prepare the surface for the next phase of its renovation.

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Floor preparation
If you attempt to coat over a floor that has not been prepared, chances are high that the surface will suffer from peeling and poor/patchy adhesion. Old concrete is dirty, and new concrete is tight, so thorough preparation is needed no matter what state the surface is in. Only sealed/polished concrete is the exception to this rule. Most concrete surfaces need several, sometimes many, preparation steps of opening the surface, cleaning/decontaminating it, then sealing it (ready for painting etc).

• Jack hammers
• Electric jack hammers
• Dust extraction fans (to reduce the quantity of dust particles in the removal area)

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