Meticulous workmanship

For more than a decade, Hyper Grind have been sawing floors for commercial, industrial and residential clients across WA. With a highly skilled team and a range of quality equipment at our disposal (such as our 20 and 48 horsepower and three-phase electric machines) we have gained a reputation for precision workmanship. No job is too big or too small... we saw anything from asphalt to 600mm deep slab surfaces.

Floor sawing
Floor sawing is very commonly used across all sectors: in civil infrastructure such as pavements, roads, highways and bridges; in commercial capacities such as trenching and demolition; as well as on residential properties' floor slabs. Floor sawing equipment is designed to be used in even the trickiest of environments, and can cut to various depths, depending on the needs of the job. Floor sawing is one of the quickest and most efficient (and therefore most used) techniques for cutting and removing concrete, as well as trenching for plumbing.

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Floor removal
Completely removing a floor is a big job that requires a variety of tools, and a lot of experience. There are many factors to consider, from the correct method of stripping and removing the floor, to the disposal of the refuse. We take care of floor removal from start to finish, leaving a clean work site in our wake.

Floor covering removal
Vinyl and other type of flooring can be a cost-effective and visually pleasing alternative to polished concrete, but removing these floor coverings can be a tricky and time-consuming job for home renovators and builders to undertake themselves. Our team is very experienced with this procedure, and can remove the floor covering and any residual adhesive so that the surface is ready for its next phase.

• 20HP 70Hp diesel-powered floor saws
• Confined space three-phase electric floor saws