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Core drilling is one of the focuses of our business, which is why Hyper Grind are the best at it. Our team has years of experience and knowledge, with access to the best machinery in the world, ensuring quality results are delivered on-time every time. We have the capability to drill into any hard surface (including concrete, brick and masonry) from 6mm to 600mm as standard, with size-unlimited drilling available on request.

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Core drilling
Hyper Grind provide a one-stop service that can take care of all your core drilling needs, whether the project is a home, a business/industrial building, or government infrastructure. We can drill holes above or below ground to an unlimited diameter specification, which can be drilled level, plumb or on any angle. Hydraulic inverted core drilling.

There is no situation our team haven't faced, and we have years of experience with core drilling on roads and highways, bridges and tunnels, walls, ceilings and roofs all around Perth and throughout WA. We can help home renovators and builders with all drilling jobs, including electrical work, plumbing and demolition.

Concrete drilling
Concrete drilling is a very commonly-used technique used across a huge range of applications. We can drill into any concrete surface at varying depths – including floors, walls and ceilings – which can be vital on many projects, from installing shop-front car park security, to commercial shelving fit-outs for retail shops. As with all of our services, our team works quickly and professionally, and always clean up after themselves once the job is done.

While it might seem like a simple job, concrete drilling can be tricky and messy, and it is essential to have the right tools for the job. With all of the right equipment, and years of experience under their belt, our team are the concrete drilling experts, making your home or business renovation that little bit easier.

• Hydraulic drills
• Hand-held electrical drills
• Three-phase electric machinery