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A lot of the time, resurfacing an area is more cost effective than replacing it. Hyper Grind are the best in the business at transforming old concrete surfaces into beautiful new concrete surfaces, and have been breathing new life into residential, commercial and industrial buildings for over 10 years in Perth and throughout WA. We provide quick and clean damage-free concrete resurfacing, offering excellent workmanship, customer service and clean-up.

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Most concrete surfaces undergo significant weathering and wear-and-tear over the years, particularly if the surface is a flooring of some kind. Whether it is a driveway, footpath or floor, your old or worn concrete surface can be given a new lease on life by resurfacing, which will restore the surface's function and performance (such as its non-slip capabilities) as well as its aesthetics. Resurfacing can also be used to completely change the surface's appearance, which can be very cost-effective in a renovation situation, where the structure itself might not need to change, but it does need a new look.

Concrete resurfacing is not just for floor/traffic surfaces. Any concrete surface, be it a wall, a decorative object or a slab, can be resurfaced to bring it back to its former glory, or give it a new colour. Many outdoor concrete surfaces weather faster than their indoor counterparts, and as such can need resurfacing to bring them back to form with the inside surfaces.

• Concrete profiling machines (for bump removal)