Part of the reason Hyper Grind offer the best concrete grinding service in Perth and throughout WA is our thoroughness. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our grinding services include thorough surface preparation, which is often one of the most important stages of the job. We can remove heavy glues and adhesives, epoxies and plastics, paints and sealants from all surfaces. We offer our services as full start-to-finish work, but also offer assistance to home renovators and builders who are undertaking work themselves. We can provide concrete grinding of new or existing driveways, alfresco areas, and other aspects of the home/building renovation project.

Surface preparation

A lot of people learn the hard way that concrete surface preparation is a vital task that should never be overlooked. While preparing concrete surfaces for painting, sealing, overlays, stain removal or repair jobs is time-consuming work, it is critical to the success of the overall job. Surface preparation should always be carried out when the concrete is to be resurfaced, given a decorative finish, or floor coated.

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Hone & Seal

There are many ways to finish concrete to increase its visual appeal, durability, feel and performance, and one of the most popular is a process known as honing and sealing. This non-slip surface is not as polished as internal polished concrete, thus making it a grippier non-slip surface that is ideas for driveways, public walkways, the outside of a swimming pool, on paths, steps and staircases.
Honed concrete is achieved by grinding the surface to a certain depth, then honing the surface using finer grades of tool and then finally sealing it using either: a penetrating sealer (which doesn't alter the look of the concrete); an enhancing sealer (which enhances the colour of the concrete); or a full surface coating (such as paints, epoxies and polyurethanes). 

Surface exposure

The popular and beautiful looking 'exposed aggregate' finishes are achieved when the surface concrete is removed and then sealed, exposing the natural textures of the numerous stones within the concrete. These textures can vary depending on the stones, which can include pebbles and quarry stones, shells and silicates.
Exposed aggregate is hard wearing and visually pleasing, offering heavier and lighter aggregate exposure depending on the desired look and feel. Lighter exposure creates smoother surfaces that are more barefoot friendly, while heavier exposure provides maximum slip resistance. Exposed aggregate offers greater visual range than standard concrete and is thus an ideal choice for outdoor areas, areas of high foot traffic and areas that need be aesthetically pleasing, such as foyers, display areas and swimming pool surrounds.


• Three-phase electric grinding machines
• Both petrol-powered and gas-powered machines