Our service is second to none as we provide the cleanest and quickest damage-free service in Perth and throughout WA. This premium level of service follows our business-wide policy of doing excellent work, being friendly and helpful, and cleaning up after we're done. We offer services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings – big or small – and leave the site free of waste materials, with the job done well.

Concrete cutting

We provide professional services for all types of job across all sectors, and specialise in tackling the challenging jobs. Our focus is on providing fast and efficient work that adds no disruption to your work or residence, minimising labour or commerce downtime. We can cut concrete into slabs ready for removal, and even arrange the waste disposal for you. We can re-shape or reduce the size of an existing piece of concrete. In addition to being able to cut concrete of any type or thickness, our state-of-the-art hydraulic machines are also perfect for underwater cutting.

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Floor sawing

Floor sawing is used for long distance deep cutting of concrete and asphalt either indoors or outdoors for trenches or complete removal. We have traditional diesel machines up to 72 horsepower for 750mm deep cuts, and electric machines for indoor and confined space cutting.

Ring sawing

Ring saws are the perfect tool for the job when a floor saw can't get in, or you simply want to avoid over-cuts. With our ring saws we are able to cut to depths between 270mm to 400mm.

Suspended slab removal

When a slab of concrete does not have direct contact with the ground they are referred to as suspended slabs. They usually form roofs or floors above ground level, and are grouped one of two ways: a one-way slab (which are supported on two sides); or a two-way slab (which are supported on all four sides). We have the experience, the machinery and the team to saw cut and remove suspended slabs in all kinds of situations and settings.

Wall sawing

Wall sawing is one of the most efficient methods of cutting brick and concrete walls to insert items such as windows, doorways and roller doors, air conditioning and venting etc. Our experienced team can also remove complete concrete wall sections.


We can provide full demolition services, including the use of all concrete cutting machinery to get the job done.


Our concrete cutting services can include the removal of concrete and other waste materials. Let us take care of the tip run for you. One less job to do means less stress and a faster project deadline.


• Hand-held saws
• Hydraulic hand saws (can cut under water)
• Both electric and petrol machines